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March 2014

Giving Wings to the Eagle’s Nest Foundation

March 18th, 2014


The Challenge

Atlas was first approached by the Eagle’s Nest Foundation to rethink and rebrand their print viewbooks utilized as a sales tool for each of their programs – Eagle’s Nest Camp, The Outdoor Academy and Hante Adventures. These programs were wonderful opportunities for kids, but the current viewbooks didn’t represent the value of the experience in a way that was resonating with parents and students. They were concerned their brand materials were limiting their enrollment opportunities.

The next challenge was to aid Eagle’s Nest in visually distinguishing the identity of the four programs from one another, while at the same time helping them clearly identify as a program within the Eagle’s Nest Foundation.

Lastly, the Eagle’s Nest website design experience needed a reboot to distinguish the foundation and appeal to students and parents while allowing the staff to have full functionality and ability to content manage the website.

Eagles-Nest-Foudnation-Website_Before Eagles-Nest-Foundation-Website_After

The Process

Atlas worked with The Eagle’s Nest Foundation to tell their unique story  to compel students to engage in their programs while keeping their high level of alumni involvement. Once the strategy was in place, we developed the identity and design experience through the use of their viewbooks, logo, business papers and custom website design.

The new materials allow each program to stand alone with their own color palette, logo and section of the website, while still being rooted in the foundation’s brand. The main Foundation logo pulls in the elements of each program logo to create a landscape – feather of an eagle for the Camp, stars for Hante Adventures and the sunrise over the mountains for The Outdoor Academy.

The new website continues the brand consistency, clearly allowing the web users to select which program they are there for and navigate each section by that program. The website captures the experience of Eagle’s Nest and engages the users through photo galleries, social media integration, interactive maps, calendars and much more. Of equal importances are the ease of use and editing abilities the staff has through their content management system. For their web viewers on tablets and phones, the website is responsive and easy to use on all platforms.


The Solution

“Two years ago Atlas Branding seamlessly and expertly guided Eagle’s Nest Foundation through three viewbook re-designs for: Eagle’s Nest Camp, Hante Adventures, and The Outdoor Academy. When it was time for a re-branding and website re-design this year, there was no question we would return to Dean and Lisa. They believed in the mission of our Foundation, and helped our organization craft an aesthetic vision that was able to unify three very different programs. They are organized, patient, creative, and thorough in everything they do, and an absolute pleasure to work with! Their knowledge of current web design trends affirmed that we were launching a site that will undoubtedly increase our visibility and enrollment.”