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August 2014

5 Principles of Great Branding Pt. 1

August 26th, 2014


Image Credit – Highland Brewing Company designed by Tim Kilmer

Today we begin a weekly series on defining the five principles of great branding. To begin, let us first ask the question, what is branding?

Branding represents the unique philosophical and visual reflection of your company’s identity. It should communicate your unique story to your ideal customers by working to build a relationship with them based on value, connection and trust. A great brand reflects…

First Impressions – How you, your staff, storefront, service etc. are seen and interpreted by your customers and clients

Offerings –
Service, Products, Convenience, Location

Reputation –
Over a period of time, how does that impression get translated into your business’  reputation?

Character –
Your Story, Customer Service, Quality, Values, and Culture

When looking at what the primary elements of building a brand, the first should be:


 Your brand needs to be consistent across all media that is experienced by your current and potential clients. Everything from your social interactions, products and services, to your website and storefront. It all needs to be a seamless and consistent experience.


Pro – It allows there to be little to no confusion about the meaning and communication of the brand in its saturation. The more consistent, the greater the awareness of your brand by your current and potential clients.

Con – Sometimes keeping consistency the same for too long can cause the brand to become boring and stagnant. Overtime this can translate into white noise by your clients.

Application – Inconsistency can make it harder for your clients to trust your business or take it seriously.


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