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October 2014

5 Principles of Great Branding Pt. 4: Character

October 16th, 2014

Image Credit – Zappos and Entrepreneur

Today we continue our five part series on defining what we believe make up the top five principles of crafting a great brand experience.

4. Character

Character is the moral and ethical center of your brand. This can include your brand’s values as well as your reputation within the community. Get to know who your business is in the minds of your customers and clients. It may be different then how you and your staff perceive it.


Pros – In tandem with connection and relevance, character allows you to humanize your business. This can start a movement among your loyal fans as they grow to believe in your brand, your values and support it. They connect with your company or product because they believe you deliver on your promises.

Cons – One can abuse character when you oversell your character to the point of being viewed as sanctimonious and self-righteous by the public. Or, if you lack follow through, you may be seen as a hypocrite and inauthentic.

Application – Character is challenging as you can’t always control what your customers think of you and how they will talk about you to others. That said, you can be clear and honest about your story communicating it in your actions and follow through in how you conduct your business.

Character Example

One example we come back to regularly is, an online shoe and apparel company that is committed to its  10 core values and working hard to deliver WOW through customer service. In everything Zappos does, it puts the customers and employees first. It creates an amazing customer culture where people desire to work and that comes through in how the employees interact with each and every customer.


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