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A Rose by Any Other… Naming Your Business

November 10th, 2014


In the words of William Shakespeare, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?”  Many people think that selecting a name for a business should come naturally and without a lot of work, research, or process. However for most, naming can be a very drawn out and even laborious process.

Here’s a quick list to consider when naming your company.

  • Will the name fit who you are as a business?
  • How will your name resonate with your clients or customers? What will it mean to them?
  • Will the name limit your potential and future growth?
  • Are there any negative connotations to the name?

The right name needs to be timeless and memorable. The name should stand for something unique to your business, your values, and your big picture. Selecting the wrong name may hinder your branding efforts and bottomline for a variety of reasons. While it may not make or break your business, it certainly can make your communication efforts an uphill battle.

Click here for some examples of Companies that have struggled with their names. 

Naming requires a creative, disciplined, but more importantly, a deliberate and strategic approach.
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