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Atlas Case Studies

Giving Wings to the Eagle’s Nest Foundation

March 18th, 2014


The Challenge

Atlas was first approached by the Eagle’s Nest Foundation to rethink and rebrand their print viewbooks utilized as a sales tool for each of their programs – Eagle’s Nest Camp, The Outdoor Academy and Hante Adventures. These programs were wonderful opportunities for kids, but the current viewbooks didn’t represent the value of the experience in a way that was resonating with parents and students. They were concerned their brand materials were limiting their enrollment opportunities.

The next challenge was to aid Eagle’s Nest in visually distinguishing the identity of the four programs from one another, while at the same time helping them clearly identify as a program within the Eagle’s Nest Foundation.

Lastly, the Eagle’s Nest website design experience needed a reboot to distinguish the foundation and appeal to students and parents while allowing the staff to have full functionality and ability to content manage the website.

Eagles-Nest-Foudnation-Website_Before Eagles-Nest-Foundation-Website_After

The Process

Atlas worked with The Eagle’s Nest Foundation to tell their unique story  to compel students to engage in their programs while keeping their high level of alumni involvement. Once the strategy was in place, we developed the identity and design experience through the use of their viewbooks, logo, business papers and custom website design.

The new materials allow each program to stand alone with their own color palette, logo and section of the website, while still being rooted in the foundation’s brand. The main Foundation logo pulls in the elements of each program logo to create a landscape – feather of an eagle for the Camp, stars for Hante Adventures and the sunrise over the mountains for The Outdoor Academy.

The new website continues the brand consistency, clearly allowing the web users to select which program they are there for and navigate each section by that program. The website captures the experience of Eagle’s Nest and engages the users through photo galleries, social media integration, interactive maps, calendars and much more. Of equal importances are the ease of use and editing abilities the staff has through their content management system. For their web viewers on tablets and phones, the website is responsive and easy to use on all platforms.


The Solution

“Two years ago Atlas Branding seamlessly and expertly guided Eagle’s Nest Foundation through three viewbook re-designs for: Eagle’s Nest Camp, Hante Adventures, and The Outdoor Academy. When it was time for a re-branding and website re-design this year, there was no question we would return to Dean and Lisa. They believed in the mission of our Foundation, and helped our organization craft an aesthetic vision that was able to unify three very different programs. They are organized, patient, creative, and thorough in everything they do, and an absolute pleasure to work with! Their knowledge of current web design trends affirmed that we were launching a site that will undoubtedly increase our visibility and enrollment.”


Rising Head & Shoulders Above Competition: Form & Function Architecture

January 14th, 2014


The Challenge

In 2011, Myles Alexander of Alexander Design Studio (ADS) a local architect came to Atlas Branding for advice on how he could present a more cohesive brand for higher visibility in the Asheville community. The communication objectives set before us were:

1. Even though ADS was an experienced and licensed architectural firm, they also were providing additional services in  architectural photography, industrial design, and graphic design. This diverse list benefitted them in being multi-disciplined in the arts, but it also presented a communication issue and mixed message to future clients in what their primary focus really was.

2. The chapter of American Institute of Architects in Asheville is a strong community, but this can make the competitive landscape steep. It can be a challenge breaking through the existing firm options and brands that have been established in the area for several years. Since ADS was a fairly new company, they needed to announce their presence as a contender and really position themselves clearly.


The Process

1. Content Strategy
Atlas helped ADS with navigating through their messaging and strategy to determine how to clearly define who they were and what their specific services would be. Through our process we developed a working understanding of their ideal demographic, industry strengths and the realization that re-naming the company would benefit the future growth of the business. With an action plan in place, Atlas began re-naming and working on the content strategy of the business. It was here that the name Form & Function Architecture began to take root. 

Test of alt text
2. Identity & Brand Collateral
In approaching the identity for Form & Function, we wanted to accomplish something that was modern, yet slightly industrial. We created two mirrored F’s encompassed in a trapezoid shape for his logo that could be used for business cards, letterhead and merchandise like drink glasses and shirts. His visuals also integrate 4-different textures and materials they work with everyday in their designs – wood, steel, metal and concrete. They can rotate out these materials on their collateral and website.

The Solution

Guiding us through the re-branding process, Atlas Branding did an amazing job with listening to our input, understanding our needs, defining our competitive landscape, and finding a way to bring _all those elements together. It was very much a collaborative effort, with my input being respected as much as Atlas’. In the end, we ended up with a name, image, brand, and website that truly reflects our corporate culture and vision… and placed us heads and shoulders above our competitors.”

In the past year, Form & Function Architecture has taken on projects and client they love as well as doubled their staff.

Growing an Organization: Rebooting Young Professionals of Asheville

November 23rd, 2013


Young Professionals of Asheville (YPA) is a program of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce. In 2010 the Chamber approached Atlas Branding to work with them in re-branding the organization as it was adopted by the Chamber.


1. Craft a brand that reflected their three core values; growing professional development, investing in community service, and fostering connection through social activities.

2. Atlas needed to develop a brand that was relevant to their demographic, while feeling already established to quickly attract and grow its membership base.



1. Atlas spent some time in discovery researching other young professional programs across the country and working with current YPA members to define objectives and goals.

2. Develop a clear message and brand identity that worked to achieve immediate brand saturation in the Asheville business community.

3. Established a launch plan to get the new brand collateral and message out to the general public.



“Atlas Branding had the perfect vision for where Young Professionals of Asheville (YPA) needed to position itself as an organization in Asheville. The overall brand has helped YPA become a recognizable program and has helped to grow our membership significantly over the past two years. We are now sought out by many young professionals in Asheville!”

Getting Customers to Take Notice: Growing Valet Gourmet

November 7th, 2013


On Sunday, October 27th, Atlas Branding celebrated 4 years of business. In our own marketing efforts over the next month, we’re going to re-visit brands over the last 4 years and bring them full circle. Starting with one of our first clients, Valet Gourmet

In 2008 Atlas Branding began working with the local food delivery service in town called Blue Ridge To Go. Blue Ridge To Go started up in 2003, and had been operating for about six years. They had a very solid and enthusiastic customer base but the company knew it had room to grow and wanted to reach new markets. In addition to this goal, Blue Ridge To Go was starting to feel less than enthusiastic about their current brand recognition and company name.


We worked with Blue Ridge To Go and its customers to make sure that if the company re-branded it would head in the right direction. After the preliminary market research was completed, we moved into renaming the company.

Some things we took into consideration for the new name:
1. Making sure that the new name was not tied down to a geographic area.

2. Positioning the new name around the importance of how they do customer service. (IE: the Valet in Valet Gourmet)

3. A unique and iconic name that allows them to standout, and draw the attention of new customers.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 2.08.13 PM

How we approached the brand visuals:
1. In order for people not to mistake their company as a taxi service, we created a logo that referenced the heyday of modern air travel and customer service in the style of the 1950s and 1960s.

2. To continue the approach of getting their logo off of the ground and into the air, Atlas crafted a flying plate with wings. This was a direct reference to the airline motif.

3. We engaged and interacted with their current customers throughout the re-brand process which helped them feel included and connected to the new brand for greater recognition and support.


The Results:
“Rebranding our business after 6 years was no easy task and I shudder to think that we were going to attempt it ourselves in the beginning. Atlas Branding did a phenomenal job of taking our company’s strengths and turning them into a real brand, with very special attention to each detail along the way. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out, and our business more than doubled in the 2 years following the rebrand.” ~ Kenan Hopkins, Owner of Valet Gourmet