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First and Foremost Branding is Storytelling

June 13th, 2013


What was your favorite childhood book growing up? We asked our parents to read it over and over again.  We had it memorized by heart even before we could read. Why do stories grab us so and capture our imaginations? And, why do we lose some of this imagination and attention when we’re adults? 

Branding, at its best is all about storytelling. Now, more than ever it’s important to tell the story of your business or product in ways that capture your audience and hold their attention until they become die-hard fans. Your service or product needs to be that book that they read or buy over and over again. And, as business owners your approach to customer service should be like the kind and patient parent that is lovely willing to read the story over and over again. It’s your job to make the book more interesting every time you read it (share about your business) in a way that continues to captivate and educate your clients or customers about your business.

Your desire and ability to tell interesting stories should never stop. And when it does, it’s time to consider hiring a branding agency to help you ignite your passion and re-craft your story.

When we think of companies that do great jobs telling their story, a few different companies come to mind:

Zappos: Continually tells a story about their desire to always put their clients and employees first. Even if this means that they refer a competitor to another shoe store because they’re looking for a particular pair. We could go on and on about Zappos, but we’ll say that they care deeply about their story and customer service to the point of creating a leadership training course for business owners to attend and learn from their story and experience.

Mrs. Meyers: Does a wonderful job sharing the story of a mom and her family that were passionate about green cleaning products around the house. It was important to their family of nine kids not to use products that were full of harsh chemicals.

Apple: With a tagline like “Think Different” Apple is consistently pushing the envelope and developing a company that prides itself on thinking outside the box and innovation.

What is your story and how will you tell it?