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Frequently Asked Questions – For potential new clients, design students and fellow branding nerds.


Why should I work with a small studio instead of a large agency?



Even in a large agency, your project will typically be handled by just two people — an account manager and designer. While it may be comforting to know that a company has multiple employees, you most likely will only be working with two people, while still paying a project fee that supports the whole staff.

Atlas is unique as those two people — the account manager and designer are co-founders of our company. So while we don’t boast a large staff on the website, our small and nimble creative team works hard to provide the same strategic thinking and purposeful design that our clients rely on and need to build their businesses.

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What services does Atlas not offer?


  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Plans
  • Ongoing SEO or Digital Marketing
  • Sociopolitical Branding
  • Personal Branding – Wedding Invitations, Birth Announcements, etc.
  • Quantitative Research
  • Event Planning


Why hire a branding agency instead of a full-service advertising or marketing firm?


We see your brand as the big picture. To you, it could be your company’s philosophy, values, reputation and image. For your customers, it is their perception of your business as they experience it and decide if it adds value to their life. Great brands build connections between the two.

If your business were a house, your brand would be the foundation. You need to have a strong foundation in place before you can renovate.

In its simplest form, branding is the why, while advertising is the what, and marketing is the how.

Advertising is about developing a concept that draws attention to your business. Marketing converts your goals into sales. These disciplines are rooms in your house that get added on later. Managing your brand is about supporting the whole infrastructure so you can focus on building your business one room at a time.


Why should I choose a branding agency to design my website?


Sometimes businesses choose to hire one firm to design their brand, another to manage their advertising, and yet another to design their website. The problem with this approach is that everyone will focus only on their individual project with no one looking out for your overall brand consistency. The more firms you work with, the more fragmented your brand will become. This results in confusing your customer base and potentially decreasing sales. Customers are drawn to clarity and not confusion.

When you hire Atlas, we help you develop a strategic plan to transform your business or product identity across all media. We craft everything to seamlessly connect for a well-designed brand experience that is consistent in achieving high market saturation. This can result in growing new customer bases and increasing revenue.


What value does your brand bring to your business?


A great brand should be delivering a return on your investment. It builds a bridge with your customers and converts them into avid fans. This relationship should grow your business and increase revenue. Large companies like Coca Cola, Apple and Ikea all credit their branding to being an asset that can be worth in upwards of 50% of their market share. On a more micro economic scale, our regional clients like Lovegrass Designs, Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn, and Eagle’s Nest Foundation have seen growth in upwards of 15 – 150% in their target market that they attribute considerably to their brands.

Crafting a quality brand experience should warrant sustainable growth. If you are not experiencing this, we recommend that you consider taking another look at your brand, and letting us help.

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