Is your brand story baked into your packaging design?

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Brand Strategy

Before developing a plan of action, we immerse ourselves in the various trends of your industry, inside and out. Why should your product matter? Will customers like it?

Industry Best Practices
Customer Personas
Brand Messaging + Positioning
Brand Identity

Packaging Design

We help craft distinctive packaging design so you can focus on product development and running your business.

Specializing in packaging for food and beverage, craft beverages, retail and premium lifestyle brands

Packaging + Label Design
Custom Illustration
Structural Design + Dielines
Sourcing Packaging Materials

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Retail Design & Signage

Your packaging design is ready to go, now it’s time to take products to market. We can develop the sales materials you need to prepare for trade shows, or opening your retail store.

Product Sales Kits + Catalogs
Trade shows Booth Design + POS Displays
Signage Design
Commercial Interior Design

Ginger Frank
Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn
"We have had such a tremendous response to our packaging. We've literally doubled our business year over year, for the past two years. We get comments on our packaging almost daily. People have fallen in love with our brand as much as they've fallen in love with our popcorn. After working with Atlas for two years, they really know what's important to me, what's necessary for the growth of the business, and how to bring my dreams and ideas for Poppy to fruition. I'm super grateful for all the ways Atlas has helped us grow Poppy from a local popcorn shop to a national brand!"
Angela & Brian Johnson
Edit Beer Co.
"Working with Atlas has been a delight from day one. Lisa, Dean, and the team really latched onto the vision we had and beautifully carried it out in the art and design they've helped us create. The collage approach on the can labels hints at the "Edit" identity and balances a retro/modern aesthetic which aligns with our approach to classic old world beer styles while also ensuring we've got a pulse on what the current craft beer trends are."
Teneisha Thompson
Bell's Reines Mini Cookies
"Our experience with Atlas made for a great informative and exciting adventure. My daughter Angel (my business partner) and I are newly jumping into the cookie business. We love having Atlas as a major component of our branding which is to create our family legacy. They are creative, personable and professional, somewhat amazing. They are the friends that are really on that family level. We at Bell’s Reines will keep them very close to us."
Cristina Hall
Ginger's Revenge Brewery
"Since we are a niche product in a competitive market, branding and packaging design is very important to us. Atlas guided us through the process of building a strong brand, executed the design work, and helped position us to continue to build our brand recognition. The team at Atlas is professional, creative, and genuinely cares about the success of their clients. We're so happy to have them as our branding partner and to continue to work with them to release future products!"
Tom Holladay
Fae Nectar Honey Wine
​"We’re on the shelf and selling great... I can’t tell you all what an amazing job you did with our bottle and helping us with our branding, and just guiding us through this process. The feedback on the bottle has been amazing. Our sales are amazing. The ease with which we’re able to go get on the shelf is amazing. People who have never drank mead, retailers who have never worked with mead… are seeing our bottle and taking chances on us… I’m seeing the wisdom you were able to impart in this process as our consultants and guides."
Rachel Meyer
Botanical Bones Dog Treats
​‌"So thankful that I've had the opportunity to work with the team at Atlas Branding. Their work is absolutely incredible and speaks for itself, but they are also some of the best people to work with - kind, responsive talented and fun. I feel so lucky to have their creativity, passion and strategic insight by my side as I build my new business!"