Do you offer design internships?

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We often get asked if we provide internships, shadowing opportunities, or interviews for student designers. Here are the answers to most of the questions.


Do you offer paid graphic design internships?

Yes, we sometimes offer paid graphic design internships, but it depends on our limited capacity and time to mentor a design intern.

Application Guidelines: 
• College-level junior or senior. If you are self-taught, we’ll be looking for a similar level of experience and portfolio work. You must be over the age of 18.

• We only offer graphic/brand design internships. We are not taking on any copywriting or project management interns.

• Internships are part-time and are paid $10/hour. They last 6 – 12 weeks, depending on our schedule.

To apply, you must submit a portfolio of your work, cover letter, and résumé. – You can address your email to Lisa Peteet, our creative director.


When should I apply for internships?

A good rule of thumb is three months before you want to start. Studios will be looking through candidates and need time to interview. You will need time to make accommodations and arrangements.

Summer Internships – Apply in February
Fall Internships – Apply in June
Spring Internships – Apply in October


Can I interview you for my school assignment?

Our website is full of information that you may find helpful for your report, so we encourage you to look around before sending us an email as you might find your questions answered. It’s very time consuming to answer with thoughtful responses and give each question the attention it deserves. If after looking through our site, you still have a crucial question, then email us and we’ll try to respond if our schedule permits –

If you’re looking for any details about our story of how we got started, you’re welcome to listen our interview with Making it in Asheville.


Will you speak to my design class or at my college?

Yes, we’d love to! You or your professor are welcome to reach out to us:
Lisa Peteet –


How can I connect with the Asheville design community?

Great question! Here are few resources: 

AIGA Asheville – Our local chapter has great resources and connections.
We’re Hiring – We interview year-round for brand and graphic designers.

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