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Rising Head & Shoulders Above Competition: Form & Function Architecture

January 14th, 2014


The Challenge

In 2011, Myles Alexander of Alexander Design Studio (ADS) a local architect came to Atlas Branding for advice on how he could present a more cohesive brand for higher visibility in the Asheville community. The communication objectives set before us were:

1. Even though ADS was an experienced and licensed architectural firm, they also were providing additional services in  architectural photography, industrial design, and graphic design. This diverse list benefitted them in being multi-disciplined in the arts, but it also presented a communication issue and mixed message to future clients in what their primary focus really was.

2. The chapter of American Institute of Architects in Asheville is a strong community, but this can make the competitive landscape steep. It can be a challenge breaking through the existing firm options and brands that have been established in the area for several years. Since ADS was a fairly new company, they needed to announce their presence as a contender and really position themselves clearly.


The Process

1. Content Strategy
Atlas helped ADS with navigating through their messaging and strategy to determine how to clearly define who they were and what their specific services would be. Through our process we developed a working understanding of their ideal demographic, industry strengths and the realization that re-naming the company would benefit the future growth of the business. With an action plan in place, Atlas began re-naming and working on the content strategy of the business. It was here that the name Form & Function Architecture began to take root. 

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2. Identity & Brand Collateral
In approaching the identity for Form & Function, we wanted to accomplish something that was modern, yet slightly industrial. We created two mirrored F’s encompassed in a trapezoid shape for his logo that could be used for business cards, letterhead and merchandise like drink glasses and shirts. His visuals also integrate 4-different textures and materials they work with everyday in their designs – wood, steel, metal and concrete. They can rotate out these materials on their collateral and website.

The Solution

Guiding us through the re-branding process, Atlas Branding did an amazing job with listening to our input, understanding our needs, defining our competitive landscape, and finding a way to bring _all those elements together. It was very much a collaborative effort, with my input being respected as much as Atlas’. In the end, we ended up with a name, image, brand, and website that truly reflects our corporate culture and vision… and placed us heads and shoulders above our competitors.”

In the past year, Form & Function Architecture has taken on projects and client they love as well as doubled their staff.