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The Process of Launching a Brand

August 9th, 2013


Branding is a process that’s been around since the creation of commerce. You develop an idea for a business and draft your plan. You open that business with a specific set of services or products and hire employees to sell your business. However, before your market can support your business, they have to understand who you are, what you do, and why it should matter to them. Answering these questions and building your identity is branding. How do you launch your brand successfully?

Steps to Launching a Successful Brand:

1. Craft your story.
Every person and business has a story. How do you tell yours in a compelling and innovate way? How do you captivate your market?

2. Get your staff on the same page.
Share your story with your employees until they understand how to tell the story themselves. Walk them through your branding process and explain the decisions you made and why you made them. If they are not included in your process, the results can create more miscommunication because the story will be non-existent or lack consistency.

3. Develop your launch plan.
Once your staff has adapted your story internally, it’s time to share it with the outside world. We can help you draft a plan tailored to your specific objectives and market.

4. Measure and Listen.
After a few weeks, months and years it is crucial to check in with your clients and customers and hear what they are saying. Are you hearing them talk about you in the way you had prepared for them to do so? The point of a successful brand launch is to make sure your internal identity is understood and shared by your outside market.If you’re not hearing the same message, then it is time to re-evaluate how you are communicating with your clients and customers.

If you need help with this process, or you need to solve a communication issue with your market, give us a call.