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Website Design Trends for 2013

July 2nd, 2013

Over the last few weeks, a couple of clients have asked us what we think the latest website design trends are for 2013. Since we’re only half way through the year, our list isn’t comprehensive but several are worth noting. 



We won’t go into this too much as we’ve posted about it a few times already. Basically, folks are designing a website to automatically size down to fit multiple devices like tablets and smart phones. The scaleable layouts are always well designed for a great user experience.


HM-Fixed-Nav-Ex Herman Miller Why Design


On some websites, you’ll start to notice that as you scroll down the page, the navigation stays locked in place. You’ll see that the website content will scroll under the navigation. Here’s an example of fixed or locked navigation: Hedrick Industries

Fixed Navigation is a pretty easy and functional update you can make to your website as it works well with most layouts.


WNC-Forest-Directory_Web Atlas Designed: WNC Forest Owner’s Directory


This trend has been going on for a few years, but more and more websites are starting to showcase very larger photos as the background to their website. It’s an excellent way to set an immediate tone and experience for your website users, but works the best on websites with minimal text and pages.


Pinterest-Infinit-Scrolling Pinterest example

4. LONGER PAGES, BUT FEWER PAGES (a.k.a Infinity Scrolling) 

With the proliferation of blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, website users are getting used to scrolling down long pages of information. The UX trend is to start crafting longer pages, but fewer pages. Even Google has shifted its search options to show endless amounts of information on just one page for its images and loads them as you scroll down the page.


Ex-Illustrated-Website Illustrated Website Ex: Mango Tree


We’ve noticed that several websites have turned to illustration for their website as opposed to photography. This creates a wonderful experience that is unique and special to the specific business or product. This type of website can be more expensive to create as you’re relying on illustration, but depending on your business can be quite worth the extra time and budget.

We’ll bring you more website design trends in a few more months as we continue to watch the market.