Botanical Bones


Botanical Bones is a superfood dog treat brand out of North Carolina that is also woman-owned and woman-led. This plant-based dog treat brand encourages pet owners to introduce human-grade adaptogens and superfoods into their canine’s daily diet.

Brand Positioning
Custom Illustration
Packaging Design
Merchandise Design
Sourcing Vendors

The packaging features different dog breeds appropriate for each treat’s targeted ingredients. Inner Glow has a happy golden retriever, Balance and Calm features an anxious Border Collie, and Immunity and Wellness is a sweet mixed rescue. 

It was important to seek out compostable options for fabricating the flexible packaging materials. The packaging regularly receives positive feedback from the industry and loyal customers see their own pets as mascots for the brand.

Rachel Meyer
Botanical Bones Founder
​‌"So thankful that I've had the opportunity to work with the team at Atlas Branding. Their work is absolutely incredible and speaks for itself, but they are also some of the best people to work with - kind, responsive talented and fun. I feel so lucky to have their creativity, passion and strategic insight by my side as I build my new business!"