Lavender Coffee


Lavender Coffee Boutique in Denver, Colorado wanted to craft a premium coffee brand that felt super luxurious and calming. We designed a custom, editorial typemark that contrasts nicely against the purple-hued, Colorado landscape we painted to make each bag feel like a unique piece of art to display on your kitchen counter.

Name Consulting
Brand Strategy + Identity
Landscape Oil Painting
Packaging Design
Sales Collateral + Merch
e-Commerce Web Design

The Details

The delicate, soft packaging design reflects the brand’s strong female demographic, but the understated design is infused with a unique perspective. The typography is editorial, perfectly paired with the alluringly calm lilac hues. The design is subdued, ideal for a quaint morning pick-me-up.

Lindsey Sozio
Lavender Coffee Boutique
"As a small, curated collection we feel it’s important for all the products we sell to have a consistently high-end, luxurious feel. When we partnered with Atlas to design the Lavender coffee packaging, we knew we needed to create something new within the luxury and natural space. We also knew we wanted our packaging to reflect our mission of creating moments of calm."