District 42


District 42 is a craft cocktail bar in Kimpton’s Hotel Arras. We wanted the brand to encapsulate some of Asheville’s unique downtown history. The name District 42, is inspired by the original 42 lots that run along Biltmore Ave. and an ode to the past, present, and future eras of downtown.

Each letter occupies its own space in the logo design to reflect that district/territory feel. The supporting brand elements were styled with a 1920s Art Deco flair, celebrating the time when literary celebrities regularly frequented and partied in Asheville. A vintage map illustration of 1891 Asheville is a central focus of the brand, extending across the menus, custom wallpaper, postcards, etc.


Brand Positioning
Brand Identity + Illustration
Merchandise + Staff Uniforms
Menu System Design
Signage + Interior Design
Custom Wallpaper, Tile and Furniture Design
Iron + Metal Work Custom Design
Website Design

For the iconography, we styled Zelda Fitzgerald (who lived/died in Asheville) to bathe in a cocktail glass and a pig wearing a top hat to represent that downtown market pig trading that happened on Biltmore Ave. The business cards were designed to celebrate the turn of the century, social calling cards.

For interior design, we created a signature geometric deco pattern integrated into the signage, custom metal work dividers, and ceiling sculptures to help the ample space feel more intimate and reduce ambient noise. We hope customers enjoy the full bar expanse, intimate seating areas, and subtle nods to Asheville’s history.

Wallpaper Photo — Cris Molina

Martha Pollay
Mandara Hospitality Group + Kimpton Hotel Arras
We teamed up with Atlas to launch our new restaurant concepts. I can't image finding a better creative partner. Aside from having an incredibly talented and efficient team, they are easy to communicate and work with. They have the knowledge and capabilities you’d expect to find in New York firm with the added benefit of being transparent, approachable and economical. I absolutely treasure our relationship and look forward to our next project together.