Forme Lighting


Inspired by curiosity, form, and fine natural materials, Forme Lighting designs artist-inspired lamps and fixtures for elevated interiors. The home decor brand explores the dialogue of art and function through bold, heirloom pieces.

Special attention is paid to the sculpture and balance of each letterform in the logo, providing an iconic, timeless mark for the brand to grow with. Black-and-white elements act as a contrasting canvas to emphasize the natural materials and organic forms throughout, giving customers the space to consider each piece.


Name Development
Brand Identity
Product Design MidJourney Exploration
Brand Collateral
Retail Design
AI Art Direction
Social Media Templates
Shopify E-commerce Design

Forme.* is a furniture home decor branding field study conducted by Atlas that explores lighting design, interiors, and branding through the lens of AI. As designers, we are perpetual students seeking to cultivate our knowledge and skills. We believe that fearing the unknown can be alleviated by trying to understand its purpose and use through experimentation.

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