Paper Shoot Camera


A sustainable alternative to disposable cameras, Paper Shoot Camera, offers an analog experience while your photos are captured on an SD card—for the best of both worlds. 

Specializing in designing for different generations, as a Gen Z branding agency, Paper Shoot invited us to reimagine better ways to engage loyal customers and communicate their values of living sustainably, staying in the moment, and spending less time on screens.


Re-Brand Positioning
Re-Brand Identity
Sales Collateral
Social Media Templates
Photography Art Direction
Shopify Web Design

The extra-bold typemark was inspired by vintage geometric fonts originally seen in branding for new technologies – film cameras, telephones, space exploration, as well as leisure lifestyle and sports brands.

The rotated “e” adds playfulness, and the cut in the P nods to tactile paper covers that you can switch out with each camera, allowing you to make it your own to match your aesthetic. The new brand identity re-introduces Paper Shoot Camera as a fun, nostalgic lifestyle brand for those wanting to capture their memories in the style their parents used to.

The photography art direction features a real group of friends so the interactions in the group feel natural and organic with everyone comfortable in front of the camera.

All Paper Shoot Camera shot images are provided by Paper Shoot Camera

 Brand Photography by Studio Dispatch