Holiday Grooms




Holiday Childress is a talented hairstylist in Asheville, NC that had the innovative idea of becoming a gentleman’s groomsmith for wedding parties. Seeing this as an untapped market, Holiday knew he needed a high-end brand to help share the story and his unique niche, but he didn’t want to perpetuate the old-timey barber, or tattooed hipster barber cliché that was so common within this industry.

The Solution


For inspiration, we looked to styling for bespoke tailor brands and iconic car logos from the 1950s. We wanted the brand to be fitting for the wedding industry aesthetic, as well as reflect a vintage classic style historically associated with the men’s fine clothing milieu. With a name like Holiday, we wanted to accentuate it with a custom script and highlight a falcon that ended up holding special meaning for Holiday. 

Holiday Childress
Holiday Grooms Founder
I was drawn to Atlas Branding simply from their reputation and work. One look at their website and I knew it was the perfect fit for my new business, Holiday Grooms. I had never had anything professionally branded before and was really looking forward to the whole process. I knew it would be good and even great but the fact that they exceeded all of my website, logo, tag line and branding expectations still leaves me amazed. It was a dream come true to work with them and I can’t recommend them highly enough.