Logo Design


This select logo collection includes a variety of handcrafted client logos in a diverse range of industries. We contextualize our logo design to be in a style and aesthetic that makes sense for your needs. We try hard not to be a one trick pony.

Your logo design is a piece of art crafted specifically for your business and its customers. Our brains first perceive logos by recognizing the color, then the mark’s shape and graphics. Lastly, our brains read the text.

Naming &



All Day Darling*
BLK MTN Kitchen + Ale House*
Brightbell Virtual Receptionist
Chow Chow Asheville*
Edit Beer Co.*
Eldr Restaurant
ERC Broadband*
Ernest Ready-Made Warehouse*
Form + Function Architecture
Ginger’s Revenge Brewery*
Guajiro Cuban Comfort Food*
High Five Coffee*
Lavender Coffee Boutique*
Major Morgan’s
Pulp + Sprout Vegan Cafe
Rabbit Rabbit*
Range Urgent Care
Reynolds Mountain Dentistry
Sheppard Insurance Group
Shift Brain Integration*
The S&W Market*
TendWell Farm
Treska’s at Highland Lake
Valet Gourmet