MudPenny Coffee


Grand Rapids-based specialty coffee roaster and restaurant MudPenny is known for its delicious coffee, locally-sourced food, and like its historical namesake, where all are welcome to gather and enjoy the public discourse.

With expansion plans and grocery distribution opportunities, they wanted to focus on a new strategy that better aligned the quality of their specialty coffee with a coffee packaging experience that elevated the brand. The result was a custom coffee tin customers could proudly display on their kitchen counters.

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The Details

The specialty coffee tins balance striking typography with a black embossed lid providing a tangible invitation to hold the product. The vertical metallic logo and the muted tones of the coffee labels are refined and leave you with only the “honestly good” facts about each coffee. The archival paper label is reminiscent of beautiful wine labels and brings a softness to the high contrast, modern design.

Sustainable packaging design was important to MudPenny, so the packaging eliminated plastic, was manufactured in the USA, and 95% of the water used was cooled and cleaned before returning it to the source. The fabricator also reduced its energy use by 60% over the years.

Matthew Fuller
MudPenny Coffee Founder
“When we hired Atlas to design our new coffee packaging, we had one main goal in mind - to create a package that would become a standard countertop accessory…They masterfully delivered this goal with a can that not only elevates kitchen counters but is also reusable. We live in a world of never-ending waste, and we are glad to be a part of changing that with a beautiful can of coffee.”