Ginger’s Revenge Seasonals


Ginger’s Revenge Brewery has seen rapid growth and distribution across state lines as the consumer demand for gluten-free beer alternatives has risen among craft beer drinkers. We worked closely with the Ginger’s team on new beer label design for their small batch series that highlights limited-release seasonal ingredients in each alcoholic ginger beer.

Brewery Branding
Custom Illustration
Beer Label Design
4-pack Carrier Design

The Details

Ginger’s Revenge wanted to deviate from its flagship beer packaging design, featuring illustrative characters in a musical band. With this series, the team wanted something quickly and easily updated to align with each seasonal ingredient.  We pulled from the original inspiration of their brand identity – vintage piano sheet music mastheads from the early 1920s to give the series a bit of a craft cocktail look and feel. The small-batch beer series can be found in Whole Foods and regional grocery store chains.

Photography – Matthew Westmoreland

Cristina Hall
Ginger's Revenge Brewery Co-Founder
​‌“Since we are a niche product in a competitive market, branding and packaging design is very important to us. Atlas guided us through the process of building a strong brand, executed the design work, and helped position us to continue to build our brand recognition. The team at Atlas is professional, creative, and genuinely cares about the success of their clients. We're so happy to have them as our branding partner and to continue to work with them to release future products!"