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Mechanic by day, musician by night, this retail store branding pulls double duty with a legacy mark rooted in history and music. Acoustic is hand‐lettered and inspired by some of the best USA guitar and car brands—Gibson, Marshall, Fender, Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Impala; built to last and be enjoyed.

CORNER is fashioned from and inspired by the letterforms from the old Chevrolet brand that occupied the store’s original space for decades. It’s sturdy and rare, like the well-loved vintage instruments you find hanging from the shop’s walls.

David Zoll
Acoustic Corner Owner
It's hard to put in words how I feel after having Atlas Branding completely update our logo [brand identity] and build our new e-commerce website. It looks SO good, and I and the rest of the team at Acoustic Corner are thrilled with the results. Lisa and Dean and their amazing staff were so easy and fun to work with. We can't thank you enough!