The Farm Events



Originally a family farm, The Farm Events is a beautiful and award-winning full-service wedding and events venue. After experiencing a lot of technical issues with their old site, The Farm contacted us to help them re-imagine a new website that would better connect with brides. Their goal was to craft a website that would reflect the beauty and experience of the farm as well as help them continue to increase their number of weddings each year.



The Solution


Atlas partnered with The Farm to create a custom website that was user-friendly and easy to navigate for all ages. The site features the ability to organize each page differently while adding white photo filters and illustrations to any page. Within the first two weeks, The Farm told us that they were already booking weddings for the new year with brides that valued the space and had bigger budgets.

The Metrics:

  • Went from an average of 40 visitors a day, to 200 per day on the new site
  • Organic search visitors to the website went up 137%
  • Booking weddings with a 25% higher budget per wedding
  • First page rankings for ​‌most searches involving farm or barn wedding venue in NC
  • 2017 Winner of GD USA American Web Design Awards


Haley Gottfried
The Farm Events
​‌“I cannot tell you how happy I am without getting a little teary eyed. You have done a spectacular job for my family and I really appreciate it! Everything about it is just absolutely perfect. This project started with so much drama and the moment I met you guys I knew that you were the right people for the job. Thank you so much for working so hard, keeping us on schedule, and wrangling all our people!"