It’s not every day you get to work with a brand that lets you design without conventional boundaries. An Asheville institution, LaZoom was ready for an updated visual identity that could marry their flavor of humor, with a cool, skateboarding lifestyle vibe. 

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The Details

The custom typemark packs a lot of personality and movement. The secondary marks were inspired by the chattering “Yakity‐Yak Talking Teeth,” a symbol of comedy since the 1940s.

Inventor Eddie Goldfarb saw an ad for a false‐teeth holder called a “Tooth Garage” and cracked up. He imagined a pair of dentures chomping and sputtering down the road, like a car, and then parking on their own. This symbol is fitting for LaZoom as it combines the movement and wheels of the bus with comedy.

Kyle Samples
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We hired Atlas to help with our rebranding. They knocked it out of the park! Lisa and Dean were super helpful and clearly explained each step of the process. We always felt like they had our best interests in mind. We hope to continue working with them in the future!