Iron Shoe Distillery


Based out of Michigan, we worked with Iron Shoe Distillery to re-imagine a design system that elevated their spirits packaging design while sharing their deep-rooted value of community.

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Iron Shoe’s grains are locally sourced from Michigan farms within 10 miles of the distillery. The intricate embossed and foil-printed engraving illustration depicts a spirited, robust horse biting into an apple blossom, the state’s flower. As equestrians and farmers in their own right, we worked with Iron Shoe’s founders to honor the agrarian life while balancing the complexities of a refined design experience that remains approachable and relevant to their community.

The label’s denim blue background contrasts with the warm, rich gold foil while conjuring subliminal imagery of a hard day’s work wearing your favorite worn-in jeans. The label’s badge shape is reminiscent of a belt buckle, and the horse is nestled within gold medallions that share unique attributes about the brand.