Fae Nectar



Fae Nectar is a rich beverage rooted in high-fantasy and escapism. The mead honey wine branding and packaging design is loosely based on a fable that Fae Nectar composed about two rival fae kingdoms once at war for generations, coming together in peace and celebration through the ancient act of mead making.

The illustration features two fae holding amphora mead vessels being poured into a unity chalice. The style was intentionally illustrated to feel a bit earthy and vintage. The beige paper comes through as light in the darkness and high contrast of the forest green. Gold foil was added through out the illustration for pops of shine and luxe that lead the eye through the hierarchy of the design.

The Solution


As a new brewery and brand, we wanted Fae Nectar’s packaging to feel established out of the gate so it merited space on the shelf and would tempt customers to pick up the bottle, check out the artwork and enjoy this delicious mead. Their first batch sold out within the first few weeks and they are looking to secure whole sale accounts with regional gourmet grocery store chains.

Tom Holladay
Founder of Fae Nectar
​‌“We’re on the shelf and we’re selling great... I can’t tell you all what an amazing job you did with our bottle and helping us with our branding, and just guiding us through this process. The feedback on the bottle has been amazing. Our sales are amazing. The ease with which we’re able to go get on the shelf is amazing. People who have never drank mead, retailers who have never worked with mead… are seeing our bottle and taking chances on us… the bottle turned out phenomenal... I’m seeing the wisdom you were able to impart in this process as well as our consultants and guides."